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Affiliate Treatment Centers

An Affiliated Treatment Center is a center with more than one Certified Lymphedema Therapist. It can be free-standing or affiliated with a hospital, physical therapy practice or inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation center. 

All Affilated Treatment Centers are listed on our website and in our printed Resource Guide in LymphLink. They appear with the center’s name, city, and state. Up to two staff members can be listed as well as 2 separate phone numbers.

All therapists on staff will be acknowledged using codes. These codes indicate the training program completed by each therapist at an NLN Affiliate Training Program. Therapists trained by courses other than NLN Affiliate Training Programs will be indicated with an asterisk (*). CLT-LANA therapists are designated by a diamond symbol.

In order to become an affiliate member, one must submit an application to the NLN, which includes documentation of professional licenses, training certifications, and LANA certifications if applicable. Please send your application with proof of payment which can be made by check or online.