World Lymphedema Day, Lymphedema Holiday, Lymphedema Awareness Day, NLN, Resolution

Lymphedema Awareness Day™ and Month

World Lymphedema Day, Lymphedema Holiday, Lymphedema Awareness Day, NLN, Resolution

Celebrate Lymphedema Awareness Day™!

March is Lymphedema Awareness Month! On March 6, 2017,  the NLN will celebrate its 29th year and the 23nd annual Lymphedema Awareness Day™, a holiday dedicated to those who have been an inspiration in the lymphedema community.  This is our day to stand proud and proclaim, "This is it! We demand treatment, coverage and support for this condition."

We invite you to nominate someone from your lymphedema community—a patient, therapist, caregiver, or anyone else whose advocacy efforts, support, or dedication you would like to recognize. The NLN will send a personalized Lymphedema Awareness Day™ certificate, which you can present to your honoree.

Lymphedema Awareness Day™ provides us with a special opportunity to educate your community about lymphedema.

We would love to feature your celebration in the next issue of LymphLink.  You can send your photos and descriptions to nln [at] by May 15th.  We are also happy to provide any resources we can to help you celebrate—contact our office to receive NLN literature

Ways to participate:

In past years, some have been honored at gala events, some in small, intimate gatherings, and others, one-on-one by their health care provider, family or friend. It's up to you. This day provides us with a special opportunity to alert our local media, medical community, and neighborhoods about lymphedema; to create awareness about the condition, who is at risk, and available treatments so not one more person will be told they "just have to live with it," that "nothing can be done."

You can also get March 6th officially designated as Lymphedema Awareness Day™ by passing a resolution in your state (see map below). Click here for a sample letter to send to your Senator(s)

Since the first Lymphedema Awareness Day™ celebration in 1994, each year we have published a list of honorees in the July issue of LymphLink, the NLN's quarterly journal, and on our website.

Once you've chosen your honoree/s (we can accept/list only one upper extremity and/or one lower extremity patient per person/facility), and planned your special event, be sure to email us at nln [at] (or call 510-809-1660) and request an official NLN Lymphedema Awareness Day™ Certificate for your honoree/s.

To nominate someone, click here or send the following to the NLN by February 20th (note: two patients maximum, one upper and one lower/or more than one limb/s will be published):

  • The patient's name and age
  • Type of lymphedema (primary or secondary, arm(s), leg(s), other)
  • Date honored
  • Honored by (your name, facility if any, phone or email address to contact you, if needed)
  • Where (city & state)
  • A very brief statement from you about why you chose this particular patient
  • The patient's mailing address or email if you would like us to send them an NLN "Congratulations" card.

We look forward to celebrating National Lymphedema Awareness Day™ with you! Honor a special patient or caregiver, and let them know you care.