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The NLN offers a Resource Guide to treatment centers, therapists, physicians, and suppliers who can provide diagnosis, treatment, and supplies for lymphedema patients. Please read the guidelines and notices below.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The following listings constitute neither an accreditation nor an endorsement by the NLN or the NLN Medical Advisory Committee. Currently there are no government-recognized national standards for treatment of lymphedema or accreditation of lymphedema training courses. Therefore, a certificate received from any lymphedema training program in the United States represents only a certification of attendance and completion of that particular course.

GUIDELINES: In 2001, the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA) was founded to establish minimum competency standards for lymphedema therapists and provide a national standardized certification examination (CLT-LANA). This exam is available on demand after an application has been accepted. Preliminary minimum standards have been set by LANA and the NLN now has adopted these standards for qualification of training programs, treatment centers and therapists in the United States.

As of November 1, 2002, the NLN requires lymphedema training programs to offer a minimum of 135 hours of intensive training (1/3 theoretical, 2/3 practical) in order to qualify for a listing in the NLN Resource Guide (referred to as Affiliate Membership). Lymphedema therapists (independents) must have completed a recognized 135 hour training program, and treatment centers must have on staff at least one lymphedema therapist who has completed such a program. Please view the NLN Position Paper on Training for more information.

PLEASE READ: This list is offered to our members for reference only. Although we do interview/review applications from each individual and facility, the NLN is not responsible for quality of service or rates charged. Therapists vary in experience, expertise and skill and you are encouraged to inquire about training, background, fees for service and to verify coverage with your insurance company prior to treatment. And, as when making any medical decision, research your options, ask questions, then decide on the best course of treatment for you.

The NLN Resource Guide includes only NLN Affiliate Member facilities/clinicians. Each Affiliate Member has submitted detailed information about their facility/practice including a completed questionnaire and copies of licenses/certificates, and paid a fee to be listed. This list does not represent all centers/clinicians currently in practice in the United States.