Dr. Mei R. Fu is Associate Professor of Nursing at the New York University. She is also a Fellow of American Academy of Nursing, a Fellow of Geriatrics at the Hartford Institute of Geriatrics, and a Fellow of New York Academy of Medicine. She serves on Medical Advisory Board, Co-Chair of Research Committee, and Editorial Committee for National Lymphedema Network. She is also an elected Board of Director for Lymphology of North America and serves as Research Committee Co-Chair and Steering Committee Member for American Lymphedema Framework.

Dr. Fu’s scientific focus has been on cancer-related symptoms, with emphasis on cancer-related lymphedema. Her research incorporates qualitative and quantitative methods, genomic and biomarker approaches and cutting edge measurement technology as well as innovative behavioral interventions. Her research has been supported by National Institute of Health (NIH), the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS), the Hartford Institute of Geriatric Nursing, the Avon Foundation, the Vital Fund. She has published over 60 research articles in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters and had over 100 international and national conference presentations.

Dr. Fu’s research informs effective ways of performing lymphedema assessment and implementing risk reduction behaviors, which has profound sustained effect on national and international clinical practice for lymphedema care. She has completed award-winning research to demonstrate the effects of provision of lymphedema information on cancer survivors’ cognitive, behavioral, and symptom outcomes, including The 2009 ONS Excellence in Cancer Nursing Research Award. This award recognizes excellence in cancer nursing research that makes a significant contribution to the body of nursing knowledge. Her research provided strong evidence that lymphedema symptoms and its psychosocial impacts should be important patient-centered clinical outcomes. For this significant contribution, she was awarded by the International Society of Lymphology The 2009 Young Investigator Award: Tactile Systems Technology Young Investigator Award