How you can donate to the Marilyn Westbrook Garment Fund (MWGF)


For those of you that would like to contribute to the MWGF, there are numerous ways you can do this. Making donations will help our many lymphedema patients who can not afford garments and support the ongoing growth of the Garment Fund.

There are many ways that you can donate; the NLN office will assist you with any questions that you may have. Making donations to the NLN will not only help our patients, but there are other benefits to the donors as well.

Please find below a few ways you can donate and how this can benefit you.


(all proceeds benefit the Marilyn Westbrook Garment Fund, click here for more information)

Cash Gifts

The benefit to the donor is the ability to deduct up to 50% of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI, or your income before itemized deductions) on your tax return for the year of the contribution. Contributions exceeding this limit may be carried forward for up to five years, but the donor must take the maximum available deduction each year.

Stock or Mutual Fund Gifts

Donating stock will not only help the NLN, but it can be very advantageous to the donor. By donating stock that's appreciated in value and held for more than one year, you won't have to pay capital gains taxes on the profit and the full value of the stock can be deducted as a charitable donation.

For example, you bought a particular stock years ago for $5,000, and now this stock holding is worth $15,000. If you sold that stock now, you’ll pay tax on the $10,000 profit. If you’re in the 28 % federal tax bracket and qualify for the 20 percent long-term capital gains rate, you’d pay $2,000 in tax. The net proceeds you keep get reduced from $15,000 to $13,000.

But if you give your $15,000 worth of unsold stock to the NLN, you will not pay a tax on any appreciation. Also, the IRS will allow you to claim a tax deduction for the full $15,000. At the 28% tax bracket that works out to a $4,200 deduction.

Please keep in mind that the amount of your deduction may be limited to 30 % of your adjusted gross income.

Please note: The information provided above is of a general nature only;
the National Lymphedema Network, Inc is not rendering legal or tax advice. Individual state laws govern wills, trusts and charitable gifts made in a contractual agreement. For advice or assistance in specific cases, please consult an attorney or other professional advisor.  Tax revisions may affect the accuracy of the information outlined in this document.

Matching Gifts

Increase your donation with employer matching funds. Many employers will match your personal donation, and some employers will even double the amount that you donate. Employer matching gifts may also be available to you if you are the spouse of an employee, a retired employee or the widow of a retiree. If you have questions about your company's matching gift program, please contact your personnel/human resources office.

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

Federal employees will find the NLN listed as an option in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). "CFC is the world’s largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign, with more than 300 CFC campaigns throughout the country and internationally to help to raise millions of dollars each year. Pledges made by Federal civilian, postal and military donors during the campaign season (September 1st to December 15th) support eligible non-profit organizations that provide health and human service benefits throughout the world."

You can donate to the Marilyn Westbrook garment fund online (coming soon!), or write a check to the National Lymphedema Network attn: Marilyn Westbrook Fund. For further questions on how to donate, contact us at