In 2014, the NLN launched the nationwide Lymphedema Awareness Campaign. While the field of lymphology has come a long way, countless patients with lymphedema and other lymphatic disorders remain largely unheard. Patients continue to be misdiagnosed or worse—ignored.  The Lymphedema Awareness Campaign’s goal is to change that.

The NLN officially launched the Lymphedema Awareness Campaign in May 2014 with the first annual Stomp Out Lymphedema virtual walk/run fundraiser. Together, we raised nearly $20,000, which helped us get started on the first of many exciting projects to come.

The first of these projects is our Educational Video series, the first of which are now available here and on YouTube. The NLN is also launching free Education Kits to provide to cancer centers and other medical facilities that have the opportunity to educate patients at risk, or at the moment of diagnosis. 

We’ve got more exciting programs in the works and hope you will join us as we spread awareness by educating patients and healthcare professionals alike!