Education Kits

In our 27 years of providing resources for lymphedema patients and healthcare professionals, the NLN has seen awareness about lymphedema skyrocket. Despite this progress, many patients at risk for developing lymphedema remain unaware of the condition and how it can impact their lives. In an effort to educate cancer patients before they develop lymphedema, the NLN is excited to announce the creation of our free Education Kits, which offer practical information about lymphedema in a non-threatening way. Our goal is for patients to be equipped to prevent and manage lymphedema should they develop it.

The NLN’s Education Kits will be sent to oncologists and cancer centers across the nation to be distributed to patients when they are diagnosed with cancer. Each Education Kit will include a reusable alert bracelet warning against needles and blood pressure cuffs in affected limbs, an informational flyer to give to their physicians, risk reduction guidelines, the NLN’s Information Booklet, and a DVD specially created for patients that provides an overview of the condition, its symptoms, and treatment.  The kits will be packaged as a single, easy-to-carry unit, so that patients can take the information with them to appointments and discuss it with their health care provider if necessary.

The kits are currently being distributed as part of a pilot program, but we hope to continue to widen the distribution.