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Create Your Own Lymphedema Awareness Event!

The National Lymphedema Network is excited to continue our "Stomp Out Lymphedema" virtual walk/run fundraiser (a campaign that encourages patients to get moving and raise awareness about this often overlooked condition) and encounrages local patients and advocates to throw their own event!  Coordinate a "Stomp Out Lymphedema" event with your community, or throw your own event to raise contributions for the NLN's mission to increase awareness of this condition and support of lymphedema patients, medical professtional and advocates. Your own local event can help fundraise for lymphedema awareness. Event coordinators have distribute the NLN charitable event contribution form to participants of the event, and contact nln [at] to obtain informational materials and other resources to have at their individual events.

Why a virtual walk/run?

  1. Awareness: Unfortunately, lymphedema continues to be a poorly understood condition, with many patients never receiving treatment or even an adequate diagnosis. Even for those who do receive a proper diagnosis, the necessary compression garments and therapy are often not covered by insurance plans. With garments ranging from $200 to $3,000, proper treatment simply isn’t an option for many patients.

    It’s time we join forces and let the world know we will not continue to suffer in silence—and there’s no better time to do that than now. So make your voice heard!
  2. Physical and Emotional Health: As most patients know, exercise is a crucial component of lymphedema treatment. It’s good for not only the body, but also the mind. Living with a physically debilitating condition that’s also poorly understood in the medical community can cause a lot of patients to feel helpless and alienated. But getting the body moving is a great way to relieve stress and take charge of your health.
  3. Fundraising: All of the money raised through a Stomp Out Lymphedema event will go toward the NLN’s Lymphedema Awareness Campaign.

What IS a virtual walk/run?

It’s just like any other walk/run event—but we don’t all have to be in the same place to participate! More importantly for lymphedema patients, it allows participants to set their own goals and pace themselves. We understand that, due to the nature of lymphedema, most patients can’t just run a marathon over a weekend. And that’s okay!  A virtual walk/run isn’t an endurance test—it’s a way for patients and their supporters to connect with and encourage each other, while contributing what they can.

The first Stomp Out Lymphedema event was scheduled in May 2014, (May was proclaimed Exercise as Medicine month in 2008), but we invite participants to start their campaign and their own events whenever they’d like. You can start your own walk/team or event in your local community!  Contact NLN [at] to raise funds for lymphedema awareness!

Check back here for information on the next scheduled Stomp Out Lymphedema walk and other local lymphedema awareness events!


March 4 2017 - Kim's Lymphedema Support Group 2017 Lymphedema Walk

Mabank, TX at Mabank Pavillion (Contact Kim Melton at 903-910-7866 or KimberlyMelton994 [at]