Lymphedema Ambassadors™

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Life and living with lymphedema can be challenging.  Patients are often called on to advocate for themselves, and overcome unique challenges. How do you avoid being bullied at school? Will you be able to wear fashionable clothing? What’s the best way to talk to your friends about your condition? What do you tell your partner when you begin an intimate relationship? Is it going to be this hard forever? These are just a few of the questions we’ve heard over the years from younger and older lymphedema patients alike.

The NLN is now giving voice to a new generation of lymphedema patients through social media. They are sharing their stories, triumphs, setbacks, and inspiring moments in a way that’s never been done before. When faced with a lack of resources and support, they decided to build a network of their own. These brave, engaged patients are not simply surviving, they’re thriving.

We are happy to introduce our social media team of Lymphedema Ambassadors™ on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter-- these inspirational patients help create a safe space for to share their experiences and advice. Youth Ambassadors can also connect through the campaign using the hashtag #YoungThrivers.  We’ll be hosting conversations covering everything from garment modification to fitness and nutrition. Ambassadors can participate by using NLN-specific hashtags, and participating in NLN-led discussion.  Ambassadors have the opportunity to share their stories, promoted through NLN social media outlets and web site, as well as a featured article about their journeys in LymphLink, our quarterly publication.

Please join us in creating a future where lymphedema patients not only survive, but thrive. Check out our Lymphedema Ambassadors’ social media profiles and join the conversation!

Interested in being a Lymphedema Ambassador?

Lymphedema Ambassadors are participants who are interested in being on the forefront of the lymphedema community. They help promote awareness and any special NLN events and challenges we have going on.

Benefits of being a Lymphedema Ambassador:

  1. You will also get a small profile on the NLN’s website with links to your social media contacts to help promote your accounts.
  2. You will have the unique opportunity to give us feedback and help shape and grow our lymphedema community, and share your experiences with a wide audience of lymphedema patients and professionals.

By being a Lymphedema Ambassador™, you are agreeing to allow the NLN team to repost your content as we see fit. We will always give you credit for any content in our repost. This will allow us to help each other in our efforts to spread lymphedema awareness and reach others.

For more information or if you are interested in becoming a Lymphedema Ambassador™, please email nln [at]

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