How it works

People who want to participate can take a photo or make a video about their lymphedema. We will also be having periodic monthly challenges to help encourage topics or spark creativity. The participants will then need to:

  1. Email the NLN and ask to become a Lymphedema Ambassador- nln [at] .   We will ask you to provide a photo and text for your profile on our site.
  2. Provide the NLN with a short essay sharing your story (to be published in our quarterly publication, LymphLink) detailing either a personal challenge or inspiration as a lymphedema patient.
  3. Follow the NLN on social media, and tag us in one of your posts.
  4. If there is a monthly challenge please use the special hashtag for that challenge and follow any other directions for that month.
  5. We ask that you to consider using the hashtags below (especially the top three) plus any you make up your own.
    1. #youngthrivers (kids and young adults up to age 29)
    2. #nln
    3. #lymphedema
    4. #givevoice
    5. #lymphie
    6. #leawareness
    7. #lymphlife

4. By tagging the NLN in photos or posts on social media, you are agreeing to allow the NLN team to repost your photo as we see fit. We will always give you credit for the photo in our repost. This will allow us to help each other in our efforts to spread lymphedema awareness and reach others.