Lymph e-Channel Patient Guidelines:

Patient Perspective Editorial Guidelines:

Lymph e-Channel: Lymph e-Channel is the National Lymphedema Network’s (NLN) patient focused e-newsletter. Our goal is to provide useful and informative articles that are tailored to you, our patients, to help you cope with living with lymphedema (LE) and inspire you to become more involved in the LE community. 

Articles: We are interested in sharing your experiences with LE, the good and the challenging. It’s great for others to know that they’re not alone in their struggles to cope with LE. Is there something in particular that you have dealt with that you would like to talk about? Maybe it was a quest to find a garment that worked for you, or success/problems with treatment, or even how you had to adjust your daily life to manage LE. Please share your story as well as any tips/tricks you have picked up along the way. Below is a list of suggested topics that you can use for inspiration. 

• Helpful self care practices
• Nutrition/diet tips
• Useful exercises 
• Tips to keep you comfortable while flying
• Skin care tips or helpful products
• Tips for self bandaging
• Tips to save money on supplies/care of supplies
• Other

Please submit your articles and/or questions to robin [at]

Specs: Please submit your article as a text document (Microsoft Word .doc or .docx or as a universal text
file .txt) or in the body of an email. All articles should be approximately 500 words or less. You may also submit a photo of yourself along with your article. All photos should be attached to the email, not placed
in the text file. Pictures will be cropped to a square format, so please keep that in mind when selecting
your image. 

Review Process: Every article is carefully reviewed by our Lymph e-Channel Editorial Committee and is subject for approval. We will contact you if we have any questions or edits for your article. Articles will be published in order of when we receive them.  

Don’t forget to include:

• Your name
• Type of lymphedema: primary or secondary 
• Your contact information, including your e-mail if you wish to be contacted 

For additional questions about your article submission, please contact Robin Miller, Lymph e-Channel Editor,
via email at robin [at] or telephone at 415-908-3681.