The Benefits of Water for Lymphedema

Lymphedema patients should drink plenty of water. The opposite (drinking less water) may seem true, but drinking more water is important because lymph fluid has high protein content. In order for protein to be removed from your tissues, it needs water to move it. Having more water available means “protein traffic” moves better which also means decreased risk for lymphedema.

-excerpt from Lymph e-Channel

Other Great Benefits of Water:

  • It Helps You De-Stress: Stress takes a toll on all your basic body systems and when you’re dehydrated the effects are magnified. Drinking water will provide you with more energy, ease tension, slow breathing, and reduce the strain on your heart.
  • It Helps You Lose Weight: Choosing water instead of sodas and other caloric beverages is a great start to a healthy diet. Plus, when you’re well hydrated, your body works more efficiently and will enhance aspects of weight loss, like digestion and muscle function when you exercise.
  • You’ll Be Less Likely To Get Sick: Hydration keeps your mucus membranes in top working order – they’re gatekeepers to the natural defense system that helps keep out germs such as cold and flu viruses.
  • It Keeps You Looking Young: Water acts as a natural moisturizer to the skin, preventing it from drying out, helping to maintain its elasticity and giving it a general healthy, glowing appearance.
  • Boosts Mood and Brain Power: Even mild dehydration is associated with feelings of anger, depression, and confusion.