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Vol.7 No. 4 - A Better Way to Measure Lymphedema
Vol.7 No. 4 - Pycnogenol and Your Health
Vol.8 No. 1 - Microlymphatic Pressure in Patients with Primary Lymphedema
Vol.8 No. 2 - Skin Failure and Lymphedema
Vol.8 No. 3 - - Surgical Options in Primary Lymphedema for Children and Adolescents
Vol.8 No. 3 - Complimentary Holistic Remedies for Lymphedema Treatment
Vol.8 No. 4 - Horsechestnut Herb in the Treatment of Lymphedema
Vol.8 No. 4 - Inflammatory Changes of Skin in Lymphedema of Extremities and Efficacy of Benzathine Penicillin Administration
Vol.9 No. 1 - Some Thoughts on Childhood Lymphedema
Vol.9 No. 2 - Genetic Study of Primary Lymphedema
Vol.9 No. 2 - Lymphatic Mapping and Radioguided Surgery with Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy: A New, Minimally Invasive Procedure for Cancer Staging
Vol.9 No. 2 - The Importance of Body and Lymphatic Detoxification in the Treatment of Lymphedema
Vol.9 No. 3 - A Surgeon Looks at Lymphedema Diagnosis and Treatment: "What Would I Let Them Do to Me?"
Vol.9 No. 3 - Lymphedema, Breast Cancer and the Brassiere
Vol.9 No. 3 - Management of Lower Extremity Lymphedema
Vol.9 No. 3 - The Vision and the Challenge
Vol.9 No. 4 - Lymphedema: A 25-Year Perspective
Vol.9 No. 4 - The Enigma of Exercise: Participation in an Exercise Program after Breast Cancer Surgery
Vol.9 No.3 - Primary Lymphedema: One Woman's Personal Journey