Sarah Meyer



Twelve year-old Sarah Meyer has primary lymphedema in her right leg.  She got it out of the blue three years ago.  Since then, she has been advocating to make the lives of other lymphedema patients better. She has lobbied twice for the Lymphedema Treatment Act on Capitol Hill and testified in Annapolis for a bill she inspired to have Maryland insurance cover compression garments.  She recently organized and led a group of thirty people to spread Lymphedema Awareness at the Kensington, Maryland Labor Day Parade.  She pumps an hour a day and wears compression hose.  She does not let lymphedema stop her activities.  She just got into a pre-professional musical theater program and is appearing in Shrek, the Musical at a community theater.  Besides singing and acting, she enjoys horseback riding, skating, cooking, and photography.  Please follow her activities on