Solimar Maia

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Blog: Pernas Pro Ar (

I live in Brazil and had been searching for information about lymphedema and trying to promote more information about this in Brazil.  Lymphedema disease does not have too much attention from medical class and we usually take years (I took 11 years) to be diagnosed.

I've seen that other countries are more advanced in this subject and I'm truly interested in promoting lymphedema and its treatments, events etc here. 

I've created the blog Pernas Pro Ar, where I publish material about what it is, treatments, exercises, diet, fashion etc. I'm also writing a book about it from a patient perspective.

I have a lot of ongoing projects to improve my site and improve lymphedema patients knowledge and quality of life.

I'm an auditor (studying accounting and planning to study law), travel lover, cooking lover, aspiring writer and blogger.  I love living and plan to live a long time in a better and heathier way. That's why I want to join in supporting the lymphedema cause.